The 2009 William Law X-Mormon of the Year: Walter Kirn!!!

Critically-acclaimed author Walter Kirn — whose books and films include Thumbsucker, Up in the Air, andLost in the Meritocracy: The Undereducation of an Overachiever — has been voted “2009 William Law X-Mormon of the Year”!!

Good choice, folks — Walter Kirn is a credit to the X-Mormon community! I hope he comes by to give the acceptance speech that he promised on his facebook page! 😀

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Awards and More!

We have got some really great nominations so far for the Brodies!!

In order to help give you some ideas, here are some of the categories that have been suggested:

  • Best humor piece
  • Funniest person or site
  • Longest discussion about obscure philosophical concepts
  • Randomest threadjack
  • Best historical post
  • Best response to apologetics
  • Best book/movie/play/music review
  • Best new blog or site
  • Best deconversion story
  • Best exit/excommunication story
  • Best “dealing with family religious differences” piece
  • Best “happy where I’m at now” post
  • Best intrepid/”gonzo” reporting
  • Best discussion about political or human rights issues (prop. 8, womens rights, race, open religious accounting/transparency, etc.)
  • Best post title
  • Best Seth R. comment/exchange
  • Most poignant story
  • Best interview
  • Favorite Mormons-in-the-news story
  • Best X-Mo Twitter feed
  • Best X-Mo Facebook group or page
  • Best X-Mo YouTube channel

If any of these make you go “Oh, I remember a great one of those” — please post the nomination (with link)! Feel free to nominate your own posts and posts by your friends!

Now, let’s check on how the other awards are going! Continue reading “Sunday in Outer Blogness: Awards and More!”

Collecting Nominations for the “Spawn of Brodie” Awards!!

The Mormon Alumni Association announces the “Spawn of Brodie” awards!! They’re like Oscars or Emmys for X-Mormon online excellence! Obviously, the idea is based on the Bloggernacle’s Niblets awards, which we’re participating in (see, for example, Sunday in Outer Blogness in the write-in category). However, in comments around the Bloggernacle, some of the faithful made it clear that having apostates hanging around is cramping their style. (Note that this is not an invitation to respond to them in kind by dumping on the Bloggernacle.)

As much as I don’t like this “us-vs-them” mentality within Mormonism, it makes sense for the non-TBM-Mormons to have a separate set of awards. Our discussion on the Internet is big enough, vibrant enough, and diverse enough to have a wide range of writings and other creative endeavors that deserve recognition! As in the William Law X-Mormon of the Year (which we’re still voting on), the “X” in X-Mormon is a variable that can stand for whatever you like, such as “ex”, “post”, “former”, “cultural”, “New Order”, etc. Since a lot of the discussion takes place outside of blogspace, I’ve contacted the admins of some forums and other sites in hopes of getting participation and nominations from their communities as well.

Since this is the first batch of “Spawn of Brodie” awards ever, we need suggestions on award categories as well as nominations for specific posts, threads, comments, pages, sites, etc. You can start by looking at the Niblet categories for ideas, but don’t be limited by them. My opening suggestion is that we should have an award for “best deconverstion story” (on changing your beliefs) and a separate one for “best exit story” (on actually leaving the fold and/or getting excommunicated). But feel free to suggest anyone/anything that you think deserves positive recognition for online X-Mormon excellence!

Vote for the 2009 William Law X-Mormon of the Year!!!

While taking in nominations, I was surprised by how accomplished and undersung X-Mormons are. Fortunately the Mormon Alumni Association is here to remedy the situation with a brand-new yearly award for the X-Mormon who has made the biggest impact!!! And we will make every effort to send the winner a T-shirt (with the official William Law award graphic).

Here are the illustrious nominees:

Chad Hardy: In 2009 he created a second controversial calendar: Hot Mormon Muffins. He has also been engaged in an important legal battle with BYU when they refused to give him his BYU transcripts after excommunicating him over his previous calendar (Men on a Mission).

Brecken Chinn Swartz: She founded, which helps children who are burn victims in the developing world. She’s is also the co-founder of the LDS Safe Space Coalition, a gay and straight alliance for Mormons. (Until her family left the church, her husband was the bishop of the Beltsville, MD ward.)

Reed Cowan: His film 8: The Mormon Proposition premiered at Sundance, see here and here.

Brian Keith Dalton a.k.a. Mr. Diety: With the help of His team, He produced the show’s hilarious third season.

Heather Armstrong a.k.a. Dooce: She was named one of 2009’s 30 most influential women in media and published her second book: It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita.

Steve Benson: In 1993, Steve Benson won a Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. It would be cool if we could retroactively give him the “1993 William Law X-Mormon of the Year” award. As it is, the 232 cartoons he drew for the AZ Republic in 2009 put him in the running for this year as well.

Dustin Lance Black: He won an academy award for writing the screenplay of Milk, and gave this memorable speech at the Academy Awards ceremony. He also narrated 8: The Mormon Proposition.

Walter Kirn: A well-known novelist, literary critic, and essayist, Kirn’s 2009 achievements include the book Lost in the Meritocracy: The Undereducation of an Overachiever, as well as seeing his book Up in the Air produced as a film.

Christine Johnson: In addition to being a Utah state representative (and ex-Mormon lesbian), Rep. Christine Johnson has taken on the role of surrogate mother, carrying a child for a gay male couple.

Note that Barack Obama’s mother S. Ann Dunham was also nominated (since she has been proxy baptized). Unfortunately, we have to disqualify her from the nominations because we don’t have word from spirit paradise/prison to confirm that she has rejected her proxy baptism and/or apostatized since being dead-dunked.

You have one week to vote here:

Announcing the William Law X-Mormon of the Year Award!!

You may have seen that Times and Seasons elected Harry Reid “Mormon of the Year” for 2009. Then — not to be outdone — BCC created the Boggs-Doniphan “Gentile of the Year” Award, and awarded it to Stephen Colbert. Well, it’s time for Main Street Plaza to get into the game!!

Suggested by our own Chino Blanco — who also provided the fabulous graphic! — Main Street Plaza will be hosting the 2009 X-Mormon of the Year Award.

Before we start the election, we need to make a couple of decisions. First of all, what should the award be for? Should it be the exmo who has had the biggest impact in general in 2009? Or should it be the exmo who has had the biggest impact on Mormonism in 2009 (like William Law, who is a bit of a footnote in the grand scheme of history, but who had a pretty big impact on Mormon history)? Or something else?

Second of all, we need to collect the nominations! I’ve thought of a handful, but I’m sure I’m missing some obvious ones:

** Reed Cowan, for his work on 8: The Mormon Proposition, premiering at Sundance. He was actually nominated for “Mormon of the Year,” but I think he qualifies for this contest as well, right? Or is he still a member in good standing?

** Heather Armstrong, a.k.a. Dooce (also cribbed from the T & S nominations). She was named one of the 30 most influential women in media and also published her second book in 2009.

** Brian Keith Dalton, a.k.a. Mr. Diety. He has confirmed a few times (including here) that He’s a former Mormon. In 2009, He and His team produced the third season of Their series on Their own.

** Chad Hardy, for Hot Mormon Muffins. I think Hardy gets bonus points for actually getting X’ed because of his work, and for the fact that BYU refused him his transcripts.

So what do you think? And who else should be nominated?