Where Does the Exmormon Community Go From Here?

I wanted to announce how happy I am to see the growth of the DAMU (Disaffected Mormon Underground) over the last 6 years I have been part of the discussion–starting out as a scared lurker hiding from his wife in a dark room with a laptop as if a discussion forum were some kind of porn, and moving on to become the perfected man whose countenance shines before you today:)

There is something for every doubter and dissident:

I posted an interview recently with Mithryn, the moderator of the Exmormon sub-reddit, about reaching the milestone of 8,000 members, up from 2,000 just a year or two ago:

VERY exciting to see this growth, and according to John Dehlin’s presentation somewhere sometime he projected that active Mormon membership can only decrease over time, which means MORE exmormons to join the discussion and MORE awesome comments and material to help you find support and move on to a more authentic life.

What else would you like to see happen within our community?

What needs are still not being met?

What did you wish were available when you left the church that is not here currently, or could be done better?

I’m interested in getting your thoughts, as there is much more work to be done. Let’s brainstorm some ideas in the comments below.