How not to invite Mormons to your church, part 2

Recall we learned in part 1 that discrediting Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham is a dangerous tactic since the Mormons who are swayed by such evidence have an annoying tendency to continue this same line of reasoning and ask hard questions about Jesus.

The next obvious tactic — to avoid general skepticism — is to disprove Mormonism through quotes from the Bible. Mormons believe the Bible to be the word of God, so naturally they’d be interested to know that the Bible contradicts their beliefs, right? Continue reading “How not to invite Mormons to your church, part 2”

Atheist pride . . .?

Normally I hate it when I see atheism accused of being just another religion (or worse: just another faith) because of, well, the usual “is bald a hair color?” (or “Is ‘not collecting stamps’ a hobby?”) argument that I won’t waste your time repeating here today. Yet I was perversely pleased to see atheists make it onto some of the lists of groups who — like Mormons — think they’re better than everyone else in a comment here. Continue reading “Atheist pride . . .?”

Should the LDS church “raise the bar” to exclude liberals and NOMs?

We got an interesting comment from Remeny the other day regarding the ‘Naclers (including us) who have criticized President Beck’s talk:

The church has raised the bar for missionaries to serve. Since then the number of missionaries have decreased, but the quality of missionary has increased. So it should be with current members of the church. We should raise our own bars and live better than we have been. The church might lose a few members, but the quality of member will be better. Continue reading “Should the LDS church “raise the bar” to exclude liberals and NOMs?”

Children — not possessions, not position, not prestige — are our greatest status symbols

OK, I know I probably shouldn’t be posting my own personal complaint about the talk that has already been deconstructed all over the Bloggernacle. But all this debate over career vs. getting your whites whiter than white seems to have missed what (to me) was the most disturbing thing in the entire talk. Continue reading “Children — not possessions, not position, not prestige — are our greatest status symbols”

A question of morality…

As if our usual three-hour services weren’t sufficient, after dinner on Sunday Rex, Joy, and I had a youth fireside to attend at the bishop’s house. Logically Rex shouldn’t have been required to attend since he was eighteen and hence no longer in the youth program, but Mom insisted that she wanted him to go. Actually none of would have gone if we’d had a choice. So naturally we dragged our heels a bit getting there and arrived late. Read the rest of the story »

You’re my obsession (SW continues…)

(Please review the caution.)

During rehearsals over the course of the next few weeks, I had at least some individual attention from Walter essentially every time. I couldn’t really be sure that that meant I was making progress with him, though, since he seemed to take time out to talk to each of the girls in turn during each rehearsal. Basically whenever he wasn’t actively rehearsing a scene, he would go find some girl or other to flirt with. Read the rest of the story »