Time to Vote for the 2016 Brodie Awards!!!

Polls will remain open until Friday, February 3, 2017 at 10am (Switzerland time). Good luck to everyone!

Year-long awards for people and groups:

Brodies 2016: Best New Blog/Channel/Podcast

Brodies 2016: Best Humor/Satire Blog/Channel/Podcast

Brodies 2016: Best Scripture Study Blog/Channel/Podcast

Brodies 2016: Best Mormon History Blog/Channel/Podcast

Brodies 2016: Best LDS-Church-Info Site

Brodies 2016: Best LDS-interest Discussion Forum

Brodies 2016: Best Exmormon Reddit Contributor

Brodies 2016: Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog or Podcast

Awards for Individual Works:

Brodies 2016: Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction)

Brodies 2016: Best LDS-Interest Book (General non-fiction)

Brodies 2016: Best LDS-Interest Book (Narrative non-fiction)

Brodies 2016: Best LDS-Interest Song

Brodies 2016: Best Poem

Brodies 2016: Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image

Brodies 2016: Best Mormon-Themed Meme

Brodies 2016: Best Post Title

Brodies 2016: Funniest Humor Piece

Brodies 2016: Funniest Parody

Brodies 2016: Best Metaphor/Analogy/Allegory

Brodies 2016: Best From the Pulpit Sermon

Brodies 2016: Most Poignant Personal Story

Brodies 2016: Best Exit Story

Brodies 2016: Best Original Research Regarding Mormonism

Brodies 2016: Best Leak or Personal Recording

Brodies 2016: Best LDS Church Watch Piece

Brodies 2016: Best Response to Apologetics

Brodies 2016: Best LDS-Culture Piece

Brodies 2016: Best History Piece

Brodies 2016: Best Scripture Study Piece

Brodies 2016: Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS

Brodies 2016: Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion

Brodies 2016: Best Podcast Episode

Brodies 2016: Best Short Media Presentation

Have fun, and may the best content of 2016 win!! 😀

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C. L. Hanson is the friendly American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! See "letters from a broad" and the novel ExMormon for further adventures!!

8 thoughts on “Time to Vote for the 2016 Brodie Awards!!!

  1. Is it me or did the voting buttons disappear? I started and then got distracted and when I came back… it just lists the nominees. No voting buttons

  2. NVM I figured out the problem. For anyone else not seeing the voting buttons, both of my laptops were preventing “scripts” from running. I guess it was my antivirus protection and so I had to click on the little red indicator in the top toolbar to allow it to run this script.

  3. @Dennis — Thanks so much for the tip! When I read your comment this morning, I thought it was something like that, but I couldn’t check it out and fix it because I was already on the train to go to one of the sister marches to the Women’s March on Washington.

  4. One small correction in the last category, Best Short Media Presentation.

    “Martin Harris: Forgotten Hero of Mormonism”. The link actually links to a talk called, “Sydney Rigdon: Forgotten Hero of Mormonism”

  5. My mistake…I for some reason got Sydney Rigdon and Martin Harris mixed up when I nominated it. Thanks for catching that, Dennis.

  6. @Garrett — That’s a good point — it’s quite surprising. Aside from Heather’s remix of Creep, it looks like nothing from IoT got nominated. I should have made an effort to nominate more of their stuff myself — I’ve been listening to their podcast and really enjoy it.

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