Sunday in Outer Blogness: Ripples of the Revelation Edition!

The big revelationmissions a year earlier for boys and two years earlier for girlscontinues to dominate the discussion online! Good or bad for women? Many speculate about what the effects will be. (Others have some inside scoop) Meanwhile the young folks of the exmo reddit are already feeling the heat!! They’re even planning an underground railroad for the young people who will inevitably be railroaded into mission plans they’re not so sure about…

Even this week’s Romney story was about his mission! Well, that and the race thing — plus some human interest stories about LDS Democrats.

The other interesting news item is the change in YW/YM curriculum. Some analyze the doctrine, others the subtle gender differences.

This has been a huge week for personal stories!!

Naturally about leaving the fold, but also mission stories and tales of family, of the homemaking arts, of Mormon youth, Mormon childhood — including some messed-up stuff. Also of coming outas non-Mormon, and as gay (plus the joys of gay life and of ex-Mormonism).

In other interesting discussion topics: turnabout is fair play when Mormons diss gay parents. LDS scriptures and leaders have some questionable messages despite correlation. Of course, the Mormons aren’t the worst, and they include some good people as well.

And let’s close with some truly fascinating fantasies!!

Now, I’ve finally set up a little Minecraft server — to test out a new server service (yeah, that’s it) and just for fun. For the moment it’s mostly personal friends and family (especially kids). If you have a kid who wants to play minecraft online with my kids please drop me a line (chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com). And if there’s interest in a second server for teen and/or adult exmos, please tell me, and I’ll look into setting up a second world on the same server.

Have a fun week!!

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  1. 1
    thewordofcl4ptp says:

    I would definitely be interested in a server or adult exmos. It’s a brilliant idea!


  2. 2
    chanson says:

    @1 cool, glad to hear it!! I’ll set one up this week, and announce it on the reddit when it’s ready. :D


  3. 3
    legendofzelpha says:

    I would love an adult exmo minecraft server. I would love to build something cool with other people.


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