A change of generations…

I hope you’ll be willing to indulge me for a little family brag here. 😉

Remember those cute Mormon kids drawings I once posted? Well, over on Mormon Matters my brother has just posted a whole Book of Mormon map that we drew when we were little kids:


My little Nico is now six years old — the same age John was when he drew all these drawings. And the funny thing is that — just like his uncle — he produces reams and reams of detailed drawings. The subject matter this generation is a little different, though. Here’s one of the random pages I found lying around the house today:


I didn’t coach him on this by the way — he just watches a lot of nature documentaries. The above is a primate family tree with French captions: gorille (gorilla), chimpansé (chimpanzee), lemure (lemur), homme (man), singe (monkey), orang-outang (orangutan), capusin (capuchin). It looks like there’s a chameleon in the top right corner, not sure what that’s about. See also his diagrams comparing bat wings to pteranodon wings. 😉

How does the parent generation measure up? Well, I’ve been doing a good job of saving these and gathering them up the way my mom did, but I’ve bee far less consistent about marking the dates on them. I’ll set a goal to do better…

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9 thoughts on “A change of generations…

  1. Nico’s drawings are wonderful! He did that from watching a documentary and not from a printed chart of primates?

    I love that they are all in profile except Homme. This reminds me of watching a show called “Animals, Animals, Animals” on Saturday morning in 1979.

    The theme song included the line, “…man is just an animal who has managed to survive…” and I remember singing that to mom. And she reminded me that “we don’t believe that.” I remember being dubious. I did believe that; it made perfect sense.

  2. For this chart, I think Nico was mostly influenced by the primate episode of the French kids’ science show C’est Pas Sorcier (It’s Not Magic). They show a primate family tree, and Nico has drawn other diagrams where he followed the family tree from the show more closely.

  3. Some day – someone should post the photos of the entire lego replica of Nauvoo (built to scale).

    These are great, btw – both John’s and Nico’s.

  4. Forgive me for being a drive by commenter… I can only hope that the children who i may have recently taken the responsibility of caring for in the future will have such a fondness for science.

    Perhaps, if someone has the time, they could explain the whole mormon/french connection? Has mormonism spread to france? or is this in canada? (but Nico doesn’t seem a very canadian name!)

  5. Genewitch — Here’s the connection: I’m an American who was born and raised Mormon (and later stopped believing). As an adult, I married a French guy and moved to France. Nico was born in France, so he has dual citizenship and speaks both French and English. 😀

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